Creative Clothing | Jewelry

Behind the W.O.W.

“I am a Clothing and Jewelry Maven!

I am not a ‘standard size’. (3x)

I am committed to creating an environment where women of all ages and sizes have a terrific experience finding unusual clothing and accessories that make them feel great. We feel victorious when our clients return and tell us that they absolutely live in the clothes and accessories they bought from us!”

W.O.W. offers a unique alternative for women

of all sizes (xs-3x) for Fashion Forward Clothing, Jewelry and Accessories

A curated collection from around the world inspired by other regions, cultures, ethnicities and design sensibilities. Made by small manufacturers and designers whom we regard as friends and partners in our mission.

My addiction to beautiful things and adorning the body with special pieces has been a passion for over 45years.

Getting dressed is the ultimate in self expression and personality.

Everyone can find great things to wear and feel fabulous in. Ease and Comfort with Style and Flair is what it’s all about.

We are living canvases and W.O.W. is the palette with which we get to create beauty and confidence.

Searching out an ever changing Creative and Artful collection is my Fun and bringing it to you all is my Joy.